Yesterday was eventful ...

1) As I mentioned earlier, my diploma finally came in the mail. I have decided that I need to stage my own walk while humming the classic graduation tune.

2) My boyfriend's car was broken into and his stereo was stolen. The dash was also smashed in. This is the third time he has had a car stereo forcibly removed from his car in as many years.

3) My boyfriend and I decided it may be time to upgrade his junker of a car. It runs beautifully, but it looks terrible which seems to draw negative attention. We also decided that he would get my old 2003 Ford Focus (who I named Susan). Next we applied to see how much of a loan we could get for a new(er) car. We are hoping to buy something with amazing safety ratings and AWD. Fuel efficiency comes third, as much as I wish it could be #1. Too bad Civic Hybrids don't have the AWD option.

4) We also prepared for our impending trip to Boulder, CO to see his family for the first time in a year.

5) I started reconsidering masters degree options. What to do, what to do?

6) I forgot to mention: a homeless dude was found sleeping in our apartment complex's laundry room. It will now be kept under lock and key. Hopefully the landlord actually gets us the key soon.

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kalidikeds said...

Hey, my sister's name is Susan! Small world...