Thanks to an infusion of motivation this year, I've been organizing up a storm.

First it was the living room shelves, now it's transferring all of my CDs onto my computer, tossing the plastic cases, and saving the album artwork in a little box. (And with a world music curator/DJ for a father, this is going to take awhile.)

I'm curious to see where this ends. I've had a recent urge to get rid of as much stuff as possible.* Opposite of nesting, perhaps?

* Left as tribute to the LA trash gods (or the people who love curbside finds): one of two bedside tables, ten pairs of shoes, and a shelving unit; selling on Ebay: several old phones, and a PDA (still works!); selling on Craigslist: king-sized box spring; donated: thirteen bras, and lots and lots of clothes (and more to come as I go through the other closets). 



Fiona Apple.


...Is that a threat?

Me: So, I posted this on Twitter, but I'm guessing you didn't see it.
Muse: Hmm?
Me: I was in the car and this woman crossed in front of me, looked directly into my eyes - my SOUL - and littered. She dropped some garbage on the ground without blinking. Like she was trying to intimidate me or something.
Muse: First world anarchy.


Ah, Friday.

(From Hipster Zodiac)

"Yessss, self-controlled," she thinks while taking another bite of a doughnut.