Big dreams, big disappointments

What is it about doing things for myself that makes me so terrified? I'll jump in to defend/protect/help a friend in a heartbeat, but if it benefits me...I freeze up.

Yes, internet. I'm asking you to solve all of my problems.

So, uh...hurry up.



Golden Gate Anniversary Fireworks

Edit: It seems they've disabled sharing. :( Video can now be found here - http://vimeo.com/channels/staffpicks/43004940

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Oooooh, shiny timelapse!

Up & Down

Now, the energy crash.


Faux Monday

As usual, post-San Francisco trip I'm feeling great. Got a ton of items on my to-do list done done DONE.

  • Fleshed out some passive income stream ideas in a Google Doc.
  • Made some updates to a non-profit site I'm working on.
  • Finished a newsletter and scheduled it to go out.
  • Scrubbed the bathroom.
  • Did some consulting work.
  • Researched FHA loans.
  • Made two new Cafepress designs.
  • Charged through a bunch of work for a freelance client.
  • Did a bunch of work for another freelance client.
  • Oh, and I also managed to fit my day job into all of this.
Now to conquer the world.


Happy birthday!

Muse's birthday was yesterday. I made him breakfast, bought him dinner, and brought home an ice cream cake with his name on it. Oh yeah, and he's getting an iPhone with my new every two next month. Not bad, me. *smug self-congratulatory pat on my own back*

Have I mentioned that he is the best? Well...he is. 

 Has it been a good birthday?
Muse: I am full of nachos and ice cream cake!
Me: So, yes?

See? Totally the best.



It has been years since I systematically went through and organized all of my graphic design assets. I think the time has come...but it makes me haz a sad.