At this moment, I feel ...

very busy, very tired, and very happy.


Curse you, Photoshop

So, Photoshop stopped working on me. I'd create something gorgeous (as usual) and I'd go to save my masterpiece.

It would freeze. Every single time.

Luckily, the Google just gave me a fix:

Go to Edit>Preferences>File Handling and turn off Version Cue.


Underappreciated (imho)

- Into the Wild Soundtrack (Thanks Eddie Vedder)
- Bread and butter pickles
- 6 a.m.


The Trouble with LinkedIn

I like LinkedIn. I really do.

It's a great place to have a serious, strictly business web presence, with the advantage of some social networky action. Nice and polished, like a pinstripe suit.

I like to tailor my resume for the job I'm applying for. Sometimes I need to highlight different parts of my experience, rather than overwhelm the HR person with a nineteen page block of text.

But what if I miss out because my LinkedIn profile is too limited?

I hesitate to tell my entire life story (well, entire work history) to everyone on the internet. Why tell all the people who happen by that I was paid to dance in the Nutcracker ballet in San Francisco,? Not enough people would care to make it a valuable addition to my resume. But then again, if I don't list EVERYTHING, I might miss out on amazing position with a person who would care.

LinkedIn makes it incredibly hard to balance "enough" with "too much."

The end.


What has two thumbs and ...

Went to see Eddie Izzard this weekend, watched 500 Days of Summer, had her lakeside stroll interrupted by an L.A.P.D. helicopter yelling at everyone to evacuate the park, and desperately hopes that the diet Dr. Pepper that exploded in her laptop bag didn't damage her laptop, phone, and brand new camera, but she can't check and see yet cause they're still drying?

(points at self)