Random LA Photo

From one of my trips to the Getty Museum. I just felt like my blog needed some more pretty-action.


Road Trippin'

So, my boyfriend and I hit the road recently, guinea pig in tow, for a family reunion in Montana.

Here's Vegas, with a long exposure, taken from the road at night:

We got to G-town after about 23 hours of driving. On the way my boyfriend tried to smuggle me into Mexico in order to sell my kidneys. Luckily that plan failed, but we did end up adding 4 extra hours to our drive. Actually, as we started our drive, I said, "crap, I left the mapquest printout on top of the tv." He said, "oh don't worry, I know how to get there." Famous last words, yes? We finally noticed we were going the wrong way when we ended up about 20 miles from Mexico. I was not happy and he provided me the ammo with which to nag him for the next 80 years.

Evidence of our detour:

Once we made it to G-town, I said hello to my puppy doggy:

And a robot:

It's funny what parents will keep in a garage.

Later we met with the fantastic Alex R. for lunch and the fabulous Melanie H. for dinner. The next day we hooked up with my best bud, packed up and headed for Glacier National Park.

On the way, I saw a few horsies:

And some other pretty scenery:

Then we met up with my dad and little bro and had the best steak of our lives. Sadly, I didn't manage to snap a photo of it. I had a feeling my fam would judge me for documenting my food adventures.

The next morning, the friend and I took a hike:


Being an accomplished hiker and internationally acclaimed frontierswoman, I recognized some bear poo near the end of our hike. "It has berries in it," I said. "And deer poo is more pelleted looking. I think."

Shortly afterward it happened.

Friend and I were nearly eaten by bears. At least, the hikers that came running out from the trail she and I were just on almost got eaten. And by almost, I mean they saw them and came running out. Similar.

Afterward, friend and I stopped by the Swiftcurrent cafe where I had hot chocolate and biscuits and gravy. Nothing like gallivanting around the outdoors to ruin your diet.

We packed up and headed over to the motel/hotel/resort/whatev. where the rest of the fam were meeting up. On the drive, we saw a grizzly near the side of the road. Almost eaten again! After we got to the whatev./resort/hotel/motel I decided I wanted to go on a horsie-back ride. After some convincing I got the friend to join me.

I later regretted this, as I almost killed her. Stupid allergies. Zyrtec, Benedryl, Cortaid cream, eye drops, a shower and an emergency inhaler later and my doped up friend retreated to the cabin for a relaxing coma as I went out for a family picnic:

The purpose of which was to remember my grandma by telling outrageous stories. Who knew 80-somethings got a lot of play on cruises? Note. To. Self.

We spent the night in a swanky cabin:

Then headed back for G-Town. I didn't realize that people kept elk in pens:

After G-town, it was time to go home. It was a lot of driving for such a short trip. I'll do it all again around Christmas, and I've decided that I need to travel more. To someplace other than MT.