Speaking about being better at prioritizing my health, I've been pretty pleased with my performance the last several months.

Sure, my main client bailed on me in January (they cut back on everyone, so luckily it wasn't a problem with my performance), but it's actually been great for me. Well, minus the super tight budget, but health > budget.

The least important, but probably the most Tweetable, milestone is that I've dropped 17 pounds. The weight loss is slow and steady, which is how I like it.

I'm more concerned with things like:

- Being able to walk for an hour with Cheeto in a hilly neighborhood without my bad ankle giving out on me.
- Running for nine consecutive minutes. I HATE running.
- Feeling good. Like, GOOD good.

Monday was another important day for me: I've been using an aerobics step during circuit training and I always cling to the handle for dear life. I was terrified that not doing so would make my ankle give out on me (and when I first started working out, it would have). On Monday, I decided to go hands free - and I was fine. A tiny bit of a wobble if I step wrong, but miles and miles and miles better than it used to be.

I'm looking forward to what comes next. Maybe talking myself into gym shorts instead of capri-length yoga pants? I really hate feeling overly warm when I'm trying to workout. 


Keep on Keeping On

Well, I was a bit worried I'd have to cut short all this healthy good stuff I've been doing recently. My short achilles tendons were really starting to hurt and my feet screamed at me after every workout.

Then Brie pointed out that I hadn't replaced my shoes in awhile. Whoops.

Behold the New Balance Trail Shoe

Though my budget has been ultra tight, I welcomed these babies into my life. Problems = solved. There are a lot of expenses I'll cut to make due - so far I've pulled back almost entirely on things like video games, eating out, and most of my beauty products. But, unless I'm totally destitute, I feel like fitness gear is a smart investment.

I'm slowly but surely getting better at valuing my health over other things. :)