Wish me luck...

And cross all your crossables.

Setting the mood

When I need to clean the house, I put on Hoarders.

When I study, I watch bland comedies like Just Friends, The Proposal, and Legally Blond.

When I want to avoid any triggers that will irritate me, I turn on HGTV. It is my safe zone.

When I need to vegetate in front of the TV, I watch garbage like The Real Housewives (yes, judge away) and My Fair Wedding.

When I do graphic design, I need fast-paced, catchy music.

When I write, I require stony silence.


Unintentionally sounding like a serial killer

Me: Hey, do you have a decent saw I could borrow?
Friend: My dad has one in his truck, but won't be here for another hour or so.
Me: Great! If Muse is still struggling by then, I may need to use it for a bit.