The Trouble with LinkedIn

I like LinkedIn. I really do.

It's a great place to have a serious, strictly business web presence, with the advantage of some social networky action. Nice and polished, like a pinstripe suit.

I like to tailor my resume for the job I'm applying for. Sometimes I need to highlight different parts of my experience, rather than overwhelm the HR person with a nineteen page block of text.

But what if I miss out because my LinkedIn profile is too limited?

I hesitate to tell my entire life story (well, entire work history) to everyone on the internet. Why tell all the people who happen by that I was paid to dance in the Nutcracker ballet in San Francisco,? Not enough people would care to make it a valuable addition to my resume. But then again, if I don't list EVERYTHING, I might miss out on amazing position with a person who would care.

LinkedIn makes it incredibly hard to balance "enough" with "too much."

The end.

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