That's gay.

Rachel Maddow made me cry. I mean, I love her and all, but one of her stories tonight got me all teary.

No, it wasn't because I had to look at Dick Cheney's ugly mug.

Instead it was this story. The Iraq veteran and West Point graduate who came out on Rachel's show was inevitably dismissed from the National Guard because of their ridiculous "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy. I hadn't seen the original interview where he announced his sexuality on air before, and seeing the clip of it today made me cry.

Jump to 1:27

As the daughter of two very liberal parents in San Francisco, I grew up not realizing that "gay" was different. Love is love is love, I thought. Then I moved to Montana and BAM: those things I thought were archaic - racism, sexism, homophobia ... they were still hanging around. There are many, many beautiful things about the state, but leaving my San Francisco bubble left me, well, shell shocked. It wasn't Montana's fault - this hatred exists all over the place. I just didn't know it. I didn't expect to read, "I'm sorry, but men are funnier" in the judges' comments from my speech and debate rounds. I didn't expect that my mom would be confronted and threatened for her race. I didn't expect to hold my friends close as they cried and came out to me, because they didn't know who else they could tell.

So when Proposition 8 (hate) passed in California, my heart dropped. I anxiously await the California Supreme Court's ruling. When hopefully-soon-to-be-ex Miss California Carrie Prejean decided to spread her hatred, I was livid. (And seriously, half-nude, underage photographs, breast implants and you're trying to preach the word of Jesus? Uh ungh. Go away.)

But then Maine legalized gay marriage. And Dan Choi bravely risked his noble military career by coming out publically. And my dear friend got engaged.

Love is winning.

And it makes me cry.

Sweet tears of joy.


Santiago said...

I wish I would have find something interesting to add (and I swear I tried), but I can't. So I just leave a comment to let you know I understand, I share your point of view and I care. Thanks for your blog, you made my day.

(I stumbled across your blog because of your avatar --yay, that hypnotizing wide-eyed cat-- and after reading a few of your posts, I feel like I understand a bit more the "where do I fit in?" syndrome ^^)

Pragmacat said...

Thank you. :)