Things are crazy busy at the moment.

I prefer craziness to boredom, but I really hate when I have to let other things go. Housecleaning, for example. It's a pigsty.

It's also really hard to maintain a Los Angeles-centric social life. I've got my friendship maintenance down with all of my long distance friendships and I will also admit to having some fabulous online buddies, but my LA friend pool? Small. I have yet to establish a group. I prefer having a group.

I've spent most of my free time working OR hanging out with family. Now that I've decided to branch out a bit, how the heck do I go about it? Post college, making friends is tough. In school, it seemed a lot easier to find people to "click" with. You know, that instant connection where you can easily talk about everything and nothing. In LA, it feels a bit like people just want to know what you can do for them. That's fine when I'm in networking mode, but sometimes I want people I can just do nothing with. People that are there for the company and you can both truly relax. Where you say, "I'm free, come over" and you figure it out from there. No need to do anything in particular.

Instead I've been on a seemingly endless string of awkward getting to know you lunch and movie dates. Blargh.

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