Wish me luck

I am a list person. Regardless of the occasion, I find myself keeping careful track of what needs to be done to prepare for (insert any event/holiday here). Christmas planning for this year started on December 26th. I've been sifting through Thanksgiving recipes on Epicurious for months. I think I bought my boyfriend's mom's holiday gift in May.

As such, I'm generally the designated planner. Sometimes I don't mind, other times I get annoyed. Really? You didn't think to look up the directions in advance? Really. It gets to the point where people assume that I'm going to take care of things for them.

I may be paid to plan events for work, but I do not want to be in charge in my off hours. That's why, this year, I told my boyfriend to plan our anniversary/my birthday weekend.

It's risky, I know.

We once ended up at the wrong venue when he bought Nutcracker tickets when we lived in Colorado. He nearly drove us to Mexico when I let him navigate on the way to Montana. Even with a list in hand, he'll forget stuff at the grocery store.

His track record is not good.

I'm forcing this upon him because I have become sick of doing it. Arranging for pet sitters, making plans ahead of time with friends, finding hotel accommodations, carefully ensuring that we don't overbook or underbook ourselves. Writing down elaborate how-to guides for our guinea pig's caretaker. Ugh. It's exhausting. I don't like to be the one in charge *everything* (most of the time).

So now it's his turn. Wish him luck.

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