I hate dog pajamas

My dog is an L.A. dog. She can't stand it when it rains and acts like she's dying when it's hot, so I assume she's going to have trouble when my boyfriend and I drag her up to Montana for our holiday vacation.

Last year, it was twenty degrees below zero (Fahrenheit). Nothing to scoff at.

As such, I'm looking into cold weather dog apparel. Normally I'd mock people for dressing their animals up in frou frou outfits for any reason other than attempting to be ironically amusing (in the hipster-definition-of-ironic sort of way), but seriously - it's freaking freezing up there. She's in Los Angeles where it is never actually cold (despite what the locals say) and she won't have any reason/chance to grow in a thick fall/winter coat. I also don't want to know what salt and ice will do to her small, soft, adorable tiny paws.

I want to find boots and a jacket that are simultaneously aesthetically pleasing, not annoyingly cutesy, and highly functional. Amazon and Google have failed me thus far.

Failure example one (cutesy):

Courtesy of Amazon.com

Failure example two (unattractive to the point of hilarity - he needs a super hero emblem and cape):

Courtesy of K9 Top Coat

Failure example three (not terrible looking, minus the scarf - but not warm looking either):

Courtesy of Drs. Foster & Smith

What to do, what to do?!

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