Austin GDC Part Deux

A follow-up on my Austin GDC 2009 post ...


I'm still happy I went with All Access, but I have to say that most of the sessions were so-so. There were a few very, very useful ones, of course, but overall I didn't need to drop that much dough this early in the networking game.


The decision to go with a hotel-alternative was a good one. Not only was it ridiculously affordable, the people I met were awesome. I had a walk-in closet, claw-foot tub with separate shower, and ginormous room all to myself. Lovely.

Stifling shyness

The housing fix covered this one for me. Sure, I've made a point of participating in things that make me anxious all my life to try and desensitize myself (theater, speech and debate, choir, etc.), but the fear just does not go away. Luckily, the people I stayed with were wonderful - warm, friendly, inclusive. This made the rest of the trip a breeze. I can't tell you how nice it is to have dinner time roll around and know that you have someone to spend it with.

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