Most of the time, I love being tall.

- Us tall folks make more money, have higher social status and gain more respect than short folks.

- The extra height lets me be intimidating in a subtle way. Especially with 5 inch heels. (Not that I'm intimidating, generally. But heels still help when I put on my "for serious" face.)

- I can reach things on my own at the supermarket. Or in the kitchen. Or anywhere else, for that matter.

There are, however, some drawbacks to extra height.

- You're prone to bumping your head and knees a lot. Small cars are the devil.

- Good luck finding pants that fit. Or shirts that don't show your belly. And jackets with long enough sleeves.

- Losing weight does not show until you have lost an ungodly amount. I say this because I just lost 7 pounds in the past month and I can't figure out what part of me got smaller. Maybe it was my grey matter?

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