More pictures of food BECAUSE I CAN.

Besides the lemonade, I ended up making cranberry orange scones and chicken cacciatore. I wish I liked the act of baking and cooking more - if I could just research recipes and have the food magically appear, that would be GREAT. Tonight's food project is crockpot beef stew. I'm hoping to find more tasty vegetarian recipes, but most of the ones I've tried thus far just aren't that satisfying. :-( Oh well.

Good news is I'm down 6 pounds since January 1st, despite all of this eating I've been doing (the Bestie was in town earlier this month and MY WORD did we eat. That was basically the whole visit - waddling from one food adventure to the next.). The walking has been wonderful and I am finally at a point where pushing myself physically feels rewarding instead of like I'm trying to torture myself. Hopefully I'll get to a point where I'm not waking up every few hours from muscle soreness. But with the Couch to 5k thing, I doubt that will be soon.

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