End Scene

Things started off well, but the last thing I wanted to do Wednesday - Friday was workout. Wow. It was like a motivation black hole or something.

To be fair, Monday killed my ankle. It swelled up and no amount of careful limping, ice, soaking, massage, and ibuprofen would make a dent in the pain or the inflamed tissue.

On the plus side, a few tweaks to Couch to 5k helped me make it through. You could call it cheating, but I consider it being kind to the previously mentioned cruddy achilles tendons and ankle.

Wednesday my ankle finally felt better, so I split the run time in half. Friday I *skipped* but made up for it today. Instead of a full nine minutes of sustained running, which was really killing me pain-wise, I ran three, walked two, alternating for about twenty minutes.

In all, I worked out for four hours and 52 minutes. Not shabby, considering the massive energy drop after my ankle started throwing a fit.

I'm thinking I'll continue the alternating walking/jogging for week 5. Sustained running is probably causing more damage than it is worth at this point (weight?), but I still want the aerobic benefit of the increased intensity of jogging v. walking.


Adele said...

Don't runn on your ankle until it's properly healed. Have you thought about something non impact while your ankle recovers ie swimming?
Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
Have a fab Tuesday Hun xoxo

Pragmacat said...

It's been several years since I first injured it, and I've even done some physical therapy - if I wait til it's perfect, I'll never run again. Ha! Though, I do love swimming. I should work that in again, thanks. :)

Thanks for stopping by!