Goals for 2012

1. Up the ante and read ten for-fun books. (Up from last year's five.)

2. Climb a wall.
Image by: amrufm 

3. Apply to grad school (minus the beard).

4. As a carry-over from 2011, travel outside of the U.S.

5. Stay true to my Weight Watchers plan. Despite their creepy video.

6. Go bowling. I love bowling*, but never go.

7. Run a mile without dying. No matter how fit I've been, I've always hated running - however, it lends itself to my plan for #8. (Also sans beard.)

8. Operation: SUPER OMEGA TOP SECRET. You'll see.
Image from here.

9. Sing more. Way more.
Image from here.

10. At 11:59 p.m. on December 31st, feel like this:

*Don't judge.