2011 Goals - Results

Some fantastically awful personal events derailed my resolutions for 2011, but I thought I should grade myself anyway.

1. Secure a job in the Bay Area that does not kill my soul: Despite some close calls, this didn't pan out. Fail.

2. Move to San Francisco, preferably the actual city-city: See #1. Fail. 

3. Travel outside of the states: Nope. Fail.

4. Read no fewer than five "for fun" books: Yay! I got one!  A Place of Yes, Dreams of Joy, The Hundred Secret Senses, The Kitchen God's Wife, Treasure Island, The Devil in the White City, and Bossy Pants. I pulled this off partially because I spent more time than usual on planes, and because I downloaded the Kindle App to my Android. I've switched from endless rounds of solitaire to reading when insomnia strikes. Success!

5. Find Cheeto a friend to hang with regularly: Does a stuffed animal squirrel count? She carries it around with her, cutely. Fine, okay, doesn't count. I get it. Fail.

6. Host a par-tay: Yup. Yay! Success.

7. Finish the upgrade on catwendt.com and finish the two secret sites I've been working on: Yay! I actually did a lot more website-y stuff than I had originally anticipated. Success.

8. Focus more on myself: Yes and no, but way more yes than usual. :) Success.

9. CLEAN ALL THE THINGS: Yup. More Success.

10. At 11:59 p.m. on December 31st, feel relaxed/calmly happy: Despite the no good, very bad, awful, terrible year, I managed to have a low-key blast hanging out with my cousins in the Bay Area. It was wonderful. Success.

Total score = 6/10.

All things considered, I'm rather pleased.

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