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I love video games, but I'm not good at playing them all. Give me turn-based strategy and I can play at any level of difficulty you throw at me. Give me a game that requires frantic button mashing I'll probably not do so well.

The games for which I lack skills, well, they make me very, very sad. Especially since so many games lock beginners out of content.

This happened to me yesterday.

My boyfriend was sweet enough to pick up a copy of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 (yay!). I was very excited for co-op play, so I inserted the disk and watched the cheesy opening sequence roll by (lord help me, they used "ladies" and "girls" as insults to masculinity .... must ignore ...).

Anyway, the options screen finally popped up on the TV and, to my dismay, I had to choose a difficulty level. "Some achievements and content are unavailable at your level," the Xbox said to me.


Just because I lack the ability mash buttons in a logical sequence at breakneck speeds, doesn't mean I'm undeserving of cool content.


Why not decrease the points awarded for achievements for the easy setting? Huh? Why not??!

Meany faces. All of you.

I guess I just have to go back to singing everything on Rockband at Expert level without flinching. So. There.


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