2001 can go suck an egg

The anniversary of 9/11 always puts me in a melancholy malaise. 2001 marked the beginning of a rough time in my life.

I started the year by being dumped. Two friends were in a horrible accident that killed a motorcyclist. I ended up semi-dating a guy who I discovered was on the scene of that accident and lent my friends his cell phone. Broke up with that guy (not because of the coincidence, other reasons). Started dating the friend who was in the accident, and that ended up becoming emotionally tumultuous. Post 9/11 depression hit hard. It was hard to go to class. I didn't really even want to get out of bed. Slept too much. When I was awake I argued with friends about my pacifist views. No, I didn't want to go out and torture and/or kill the 9/11 planners. No war, please. There was a lot of fighting about that.

The next several years brought financial and emotional hardship. Medical problems. Deaths. Ugh.

Fast forward to fall of 2008. Things were finally okay. Ish.

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