Why do recessions make me want to shop?

I've been hit hard by a shopping bug lately. For the most part, I have resisted the urge, but it doesn't mean that I have managed to cut down on the E-daydreaming.

I'm working on making over my little apartment. In my head.

So far I found a coffee table I adore from Cb2.com. I'm sure it weighs 1,000 pounds, but no matter. I have Popeye arms in dream design land.
The boyfriend loves it and the best friend hates it.

Well, technically the best friend said, "You like ... that?"

Oh well.

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♥Jozee said...

ooh i like it.. but i feel like no need to go to CB2 to get that. just go to like a quarry or something hah..

also, while i do like it, i feel like there are better coffee table options... but for the right room, that would be lovely. (i like mixing styles.. so i could totally see that with some really soft fabrics like a sheepskin rug or something)