So...I've had my current laptop for about 3 years. It has served me very, very well - no troubles whatsoever, not even a hiccup. It has dealt with my ridiculous love of multitasking - I can run multiple IM clients, plus all of the Adobe Creative Suite, plus Word, plus Outlook, plus pretty much an unlimited number of Firefox windows, plus...anything I can really think of. It's a Dell and it has been fantastic.

Unfortunately, 3 years is about it for a computer. There's more I want to start doing.

Now I find myself with a conundrum.

Laptop or desktop?

I love the freedom of a laptop. However, I need a big-ish screen and loads of *power.* A huge laptop is annoying to carry around and it's also pretty pricey. A desktop would be cheaper and more powerful. But I couldn't work and lay on the couch, or the bed, or the floor, or sit at my desk, or the kitchen table, or my boyfriend's desk all in one day. Or go on a trip.

Thoughts? Anyone?


The Snob said...

well i was all pc all the time, but i have to say, these new macbooks (i just got one refurbed) are AWESOME. i highly recommend a mac.. mebbe a macbook pro for your purposes--you can get the older version of the macbook pro that has pretty much the same specs just minus the sleek new design quite affordably. they're def a little pricier when compared to dells (since dells are always on sale), but i think if you compare it to like a high end dell or a vaio or thinkpad of comparable specs, you'll see that the price isn't that much greater...

anyhoo, i am a mac convert. dont get me wrong, pcs have their moments.. but i can see why ppl go gaga over OSX. it just IS that much better than windows.

The Snob said...

oh alternatively, if you get a desktop, the mac desktops are great too! and maybe look on craigslist for some deals.