Infinite Undiscovery should have remained undiscovered

Video game time.

I just played Infinite Undiscovery for the first time last night. Rather, I tried to play it. It starts off very intense, with relatively complicated control menus. (I'm not a fan of games requiring me to do much memorizing). I started out on the Intermediate setting, mainly because it said Easy was for people unfamiliar with RPGs. So uh...first I make my way out of some dungeon, which was tedious, but not impossible. The controls, as I mentioned, were overly complicated, and with a crappy unreadable font in the tutorial, I had no idea what I was doing. I often found myself stuck in a particular menu, so I would flail around, randomly and angrily mashing buttons until I found my way out of it. I forgot to mention that the controls are also very loose. There was a delay between the time I pushed a button and the actual response on-screen in the game. I find this immensely annoying.

About five minutes in, I decided it was virtually unplayable. Being forgiving, I figured I'd try and give it another chance.

I made my way out of the dungeon, crappy controls and all, and ventured out into a forest. I proceeded to get lost several times, as there is no way to gauge your progress, the map is utter crap, and the camera jerks around when enemies approach. The autotargeting system seems to be lacking, as I had a horrible time trying to kill a single bee. The camera then locked onto a different enemy, much farther away, so I got turned around AND I was being attacked by the close enemy without any way to retaliate.

So, about 45 minutes in, I find my way out of the winding, annoying forest. Then the scary dungeon boss that chased me out of the dungeon shows up and promptly...kills me. I died. I died 45 minutes in. Considering the fact I got lost, I was probably only officially about 20 minutes into gameplay. You should not die that quickly. It just shouldn't be possible unless you do something stupid.

Worse than dying, it took me back to the only available save spot...which was five minutes into gameplay.

At that point, I lost it, and threw down the controller. Seeing as less content is available in Easy mode, I think I'm done with this game. I don't understand how it got a 6.5 rating on gamespot. I'd give it a 2. Only because the graphics are pretty. The storyline, as far as I could tell, was rather trite.

It was a major letdown, Square Enix. MAJOR.

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