Dear Neo-con Republicans,

I have some news for you. Something I just think you ought to know.

You lost. You lost in a big way. Your policies failed. You failed.

Now stop whining about needing to cut taxes in this new stimulus bill. You already cut taxes. And you know what? It didn't help. The economy is tanking, thanks you to, and now you're trying to say that the same old bull is going to magically work this time. No. It's not. Get over it.

Now get moving. There's precious little time before we officially hit a depression. And if we do? I'm personally blaming you. Really, I am.

Work with the Democrats. The American public spoke. They want change. So, help give it to them. I'm not saying you need to become Democrats, I just want you to actually do what's right for the country. Be the patriots you claim to be. Move quickly.

If you keep dragging your feet, then blame Democrats for being do-nothings, so help me...



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