Getting up-to-speed #1

Halloween 2008 was a blast.

I managed to get my guy to dress up this year. A hastily created anime character costume was the result. I'd show you the outcome, but he's pretty anti-photos-on-the-internets.

I assure you, it looked exactly like this. With more fire.

After a lot of soul-searching, I dressed up as one of these.

Google tells me they're maneki nekos. I've always called them lucky cats.

I also got into the pumpkin carving spirit.

Maybe a little too into it. It took a good 6 hours to carve that thing. Next year, I buy real tools. Did you enjoy the picture of my toilet? The bathroom is the only place in the house with a bright light.

After a few hours of gussying up, the guy and I set out a big bowl of candy and headed out for the West Hollywood Halloween Parade.

The following photos are not mine:

(taken by TomSaint11)

(taken by RockinRobin)

(also taken by RockinRobin)

(taken by TomSaint11)

(taken by CityofWestHollywood)

(also taken by CityofWestHollywood)

(also taken by CityofWestHollywood)

(also taken by CityofWestHollywood)

There were hundreds of thousands of people at the parade. It was awesometastic.

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