Cutetorial Edition 3: Etsy

Go to www.etsy.com

Login by clicking "login" on the upper right hand side of the page.

Enter your username and password. Click enter.

Click on "Your Etsy" at the very top part of the page.

Click on "Add new item" on the middle lefthand side of the page.

Enter a title, description, and the individual materials used to make the item. The materials part should be formatted like this: "clay, polymer clay, polymer, fimo, wire, laquer" or something similar.

Click "Next" at the bottom part of the page.

Click on the drop down menu and select "Jewelry." From there, type in any "tags" you think may apply to the item. Examples are "earrings," "people," "clay," etc.

Click "next"

Choose a price, make the quantity 1, create a "shipping profile" of your own to tell people how much you will charge for shipping. Click "next"

Next browse and upload your cute picture. You may need to "resize" the pictures to be small enough to fit, but that will probably require trial and error. Make sure that the first picture you upload is the prettiest – it will be the one that shows up when people find your cute stuff! Click "next"

Double check all of your cute work – then click "Finish"

Easy peasy.

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