Additional deep thoughts with Cat

I'm at a point where I'm trying to figure out the purpose of this blog. Is it an update for friends and whichever family members happen to Google me? Is it supposed to highlight my writing? If so, it's a poor example! Should I specialize somehow to show off my knowledge of a particular subject? This of course works very poorly for someone who is familiar with everything and an expert at nothing.

I've been blogging for years, mainly with the narcissistic purpose of documenting my thoughts, my life, and letting interested parties follow along. I don't know if I feel the need to broadcast my feelings as much anymore.

Not that I don't love you, Blogger community. I just feel I need to find direction. I post about politics, photoshop, video games, fashion, etcetera, but never in all that much detail. I don't have an understanding of the history and context of fashion, for example. I just know what I like. Ditto with games - I'm not going to be able to discuss the games to which the one I'm playing makes reference to. Whoa, that was one heck of an awkward sentence. Forget it ever happened.

Oh well. Perhaps I'll get over this desire to find some direction and instead just go back to writing about whatever strikes my fancy.

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The Snob said...

i'm in the same boat... but if i focus on one thing, where will i blog about all those other things i love? (maybe i should run like 50 different blogs; one for fashion, art, culture, shoes, travel, etc. hah)