Goals for 2011 (updated)

Things are plugging along fairly well in Cat-land. Here's how I'm doing on my goals for the year:

1. Secure a job in the Bay Area that does not kill my soul: Getting there. Lots of leads, lots of interviews, and jobs I'm genuinely excited about. (An optimistic 0.5 pts.)

2. Move to San Francisco, preferably the actual city-city: when #1 pans out, this one will follow. :) (0 pts.)

3. Travel outside of the states: Still gotta get that passport! (0 pts.)

4. Read no fewer than five "for fun" books: Don't judge: A Place of Yes, Dreams of Joy, The Hundred Secret Senses. So far, so good. Lots of time for two more. (0.6 pts.)

5. Find Cheeto a friend to hang with regularly: Ha. We'll see, I'm finding this more and more unlikely. Little Cujo. (0 pts.)

6. Host a par-tay: Kind of hosted a few mini parties. I think that counts. (1 pt.)

7. Finish the upgrade on catwendt.com and finish the two secret sites I've been working on: Upgrade on catwendt.com = complete. Secret sites are pending. (0.333333)

8. Focus more on myself: Yes and no. (0.25 pts.)

9. CLEAN ALL THE THINGS: Occasionally. (1 pts.)

10. At 11:59 p.m. on December 31st, feel relaxed/calmly happy: Working on it. (0 pts.)

Total score = 3.68. Gotta try harder!


Anonymous said...

When you get your passport, come to Britain!


thelsdj said...

Once #1 and #2 are taken care of Gizmo will be happy to help out with #5