Metrics: February 2014

  • This month I stayed at level seven in Spanish on Duolingo, but I did gain 200 XP
  • Worked out for about 7 1/4 hours. Still lower than I'd like, but not bad.
  • I'm about halfway through Lisa See's On Gold Mountain
  • Yep, I got that new client. And a few others - woo!
  • I wrote six posts on QwertyCafe.
  • I created three new pieces for Zazzle/Cafepress. One of which is this little gal:

  • Looks like I may get to sing in a professional recording studio later this year. We'll see if that works out, but I'm excited. 
A decent month, and way busier than it looks from this list. Lots of work, lots of volunteering. 

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