Goals for 2014

Honor my self.
I've carried this goal over from last year, because I absolutely reaped the benefits. Sleep when my body asks for sleep. Eat when it asks for food. Block out the requests of others (within reason) in favor of taking care of my own emotional needs.

I've let money be an excuse for not getting out more. I aim to push the boundaries of my budget in order to make more interesting memories. In dreamland I'll make it to Los Angeles, Portland, Montana, Colorado, Seattle, and perhaps even Canada this year. Here's hoping.

I want to structure my "learning" activities in a way that will allow me to track my progress. This year I plan to spend more time on Duolingo, Codeacademy, and possibly Khanacademy, teach myself a few things in Blender, fiddle with the Ren'Py engine, finally finish the exercises in The Ultimate Math Refresher for GRE, GMAT, and SAT, take the GRE, and formally apply to graduate school. 

More "for fun," less "work-adjacent." As long as I finish the last book I purchase, I'm trying to go unlimited on the budget here.

Last year was wonderful in that I managed to write a LOT for qwertycafe.com. I'd like to continue writing at the same frequency for Qwerty, venture out into pieces that are a bit more political about once a month, and also invest my time in personal creative writing ventures at least once a month as well.

Move. Dance.
My ankle is so much better than it was - so much better than it's been in years! I need to celebrate and dance again. I also plan to invest in more time at the gym. I've seen a clear link between my efforts working out and how I feel emotionally.

Karaoke may seem like a silly thing to consider a performance, but I did a lot of it in the latter part of 2013. It never fails to make me feel happy and confident. I aim to keep that up while also exploring more serious performance options.

I am eagerly awaiting a new mobile phone. I want to take an obnoxious number of photos this year - life is short and good memories are precious.

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