2010 Goals Midyear Check-in

Time to revisit my goals and see how I'm doing...

1. Audition for something, anything.

Status: Fail
I'm working on bolstering my self esteem a bit before taking this one on.

2. Take one of the following classes: dance, piano, acting, or voice.

Status: Fail
I have a class in mind, but I'm not going to spill the beans until the awesomeness has actually happened.

3. Get my passport.

Status: Fail
I just need to get my butt in gear on this one. Apparently the cost either has or is about to go up 35%.

4. Buy (and wear) a dress (I haven't bought a dress in FIVE years. Five!)

Status: 50% Fail
I bought a dress, now I just need to wear it.

5. Gussy up and attend the SF Ballet's Nutcracker (I performed in it 15 years ago. Lordy, I'm old.)

Status: Fail, with a caveat.
I can't succeed at this until December.

6. Read three books for fun (last year I only managed two, believe it or not.)

Status: 2/3 Fail.
I read Snowflower and the Secret Fan, a book on productivity (meh), and a book on logo design. The last two don't count, but I'll have lots of time on planes to catch up on fun books in August, September and October.

7. Visit one new place.

Status: Sweet success!
Georgia, Tennessee, and Kentucky, baby. Ooooh yeah.

8. Attend more shindigs (in other words, try not to turn down invitations).

Status: Sweet success!
Getting better, but man am I getting fat on dim sum.

9. Photograph stuff. Lots of stuff.

Status: So-so
My fancy new camera died in a tragic Diet Coke accident, so my motivation to photograph anything took a big hit.

10. At 11:59 PM on December 31st, feel like this:

Status: In progress
We shall see.

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