November was awesome

Seriously. Awesome.

  • Got published in an online, peer-reviewed journal for a review of The Sims 3.

  • Submitted an interview that took ages to complete.

  • My first paying game writing gig kicked into gear. (Just quest localization, essentially, but still ... yay!)

  • Spent time working with a great consulting group.

  • Was thrilled to see that the IGDA will be offering health care plans.

  • Speaking of the IGDA, I've been hyper involved with them, in general.

  • Kept on trucking as community manager for the QA Special Interest Group.

  • Been cruising along as a Jr. Editor for Gamersinfo.net.

  • Had my birthday and six-year anniversary with the boyfriend. :)

  • Spent time in a cabin by my favorite beach (good job planning, Mr. Boyfriend Man)!

  • Had a fabulous Thanksgiving where I ate tons of yummy food and spent time with lots of yummy people.

  • Experienced a bunch of wonderful, fantastic, super awesome, long-lasting conversations.

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