"I wanna make love in this club...in this club...in this club...in this club...so on and so forth...etc....in this club"

What exactly constitutes appropriate bar and club attire in this city? In Montana, you can wear a sweatshirt, jeans and snow boots - as long as you do your hair and add makeup. Boulder, CO was similarly casual, though you would probably don a nicer shirt, better shoes and add a necklace.

My impression of the club scene here is, frankly, a bit trashy. Too much skin, frightening amounts of cleavage, shirts worn as dresses - sans leggings, and high, high heels. Makeup applied with spatula, big earrings, big hair and french tip nails. None of this is my style (except maybe unintentionally big hair).

What to do, what to do?


Panda Gets Bear said...

HEY! You're writing on blogspot now eh! Heee. :D

And yah.. I do love LA for its outdoorsy wonderland, but I'm just not sure I could ever get used to the nightlife there. Not my scene, nah uh.

Panda Gets Bear said...

hmm i just posted a comment. did that go through or do you have moderating comments turned on? :D well anyhoooozzzz hi.

Panda Gets Bear said...

Oh, I see you have mod turned on.

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