Men are from Mars, Scott McClellan is from Fantasy-Looney-Land-Oogy-Boogey-Boo-Popsicle-Face-Town

What I like best about the McClellan stories on the news right now, is the fact that there seems to be this concentrated effort, a strategy really, to discredit him. And by discredit him, I mean they want us to believe it's an, "invasion of the body snatchers," sort of situation. Like little green men beamed Scott McClellan into their flying saucer, and switched him out with an alien disguised as Scott McClellan. Or maybe a supervirus, hidden deep in the earth for millions of years, infected Scott McClellan and is now controlling his brain. Or maybe Scott McClellan is some kind of Antichrist. Yeah...that's it. Antichrist. Shame on you Scott McClellan, for being a pawn of Satan and bringing down mankind. Bitch.


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Jake said...

Besides, have you seen the size of his hands? Utterly terrifying. It's like he stole them from an infant.